​William Blake

Timeline for ​William Blake

1757              born in London, England

1772              completed education at a drawing school

1772-79         apprentice to the engraver James Basire

1779              began studying engraving at the Royal Academy

1782              married Catherine Boucher

1783              appearance of Blake's first book, Poetical Sketches

1786              deeply grieved when younger brother Robert died of consumption at age 19;  experienced a vision in which he saw his joyful brother ascending to heaven

1788              brother gave him the idea to etch drawings and poems on the same copper plate, a novel idea, leading to the two works All Religions Are One and There is No Natural Religion

1789              participated in the first General Conference at Swedenborg's New Jerusalem Church in London

1789              published his masterful The Book of Thel

                      published Songs of Innocence

1790              published the satirical The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

1800-03         lived in the Sussex coastal town of Felpham, where he served under the patronage of the poet William Hayley (only time he lived outside of London)

1804-20         worked on masterpiece, Milton: A Poem

                      worked on other masterpiece, Jerusalem: The Emanation of the Giant Albion

1809-10         exhibited sixteen of his paintings but failed to draw recognition

1825              published Illustrations of the Book of Job

1827              died in London, England

                      publication of Illustrations of Dante

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