Pablo Neruda

Timeline for Pablo Neruda

1904                born in Parral, Chile

                        mother, Rosa Basoalto, died of tuberculosis within weeks of his birth

1906                father moved the family south to Temuco

1921                at age sixteen, moved to Santiago to study French at the Universidad de Chile

1923                published his first poetry collection, Crepusculario

1924                published Veinte poemas de amor y una canción desesperada

1927                hired by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and sent as a diplomat to Ragoon, Burma (Myanmar) 

1930                 appointed consul to the Dutch East Indies

                         married a Dutch woman, Maria Haagenar

1933                 sent on another diplomatic assignment to Buenos Aires, Argentina

1934                 assigned to work in Barcelona, Spain

1935                 published Residencia en la tierra

1936                 divorced his first wife and married his second, Delia del Carril

1938-39            lived in Chile

1940s               diplomatic assignment to Mexico

1945                 elected as senator and joined the Communist party

1948                 when the communist party was banned, fled to Mexico

1950                 published poetry volume Canto general

ca. 1950           began an affair with the Chilean Matilde Urrutia, whom he would later marry

1952                 returned to Chile when he was again permitted into the country

1954                 published Odas elementales

1958                 published Estravagario

1959                 published Cien sonetos de amor

1970                 became the Communist candidate for Chilean president

                         Salvador Allende won the election, and Neruda was appointed Chilean ambassador to France

1971                 awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature

1972                 returned from Paris to Chile; seriously ill from prostate cancer

1973                 President Allende was ousted in the coup d'état of September 11, 1973, and General Augusto Pinochet began his military dictatorship

                         less than two weeks later, died in a Santiago hospital 

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