​Louis Auchincloss

Timeline for ​Louis Auchincloss

1917                   born in Lawrence, Long Island; father was wealthy Wall Street lawyer

1935                   enrolled in Yale University

1938                   accepted to law school at the University of Virginia despite not having finished college degree

1941                   graduated with honors

1941                   position with a Wall Street firm, Sullivan and Cromwell

1941-45             served in both European and Pacific theaters in World War II

1945-51             returned to Sullivan and Cromwell

1947                  published first novel, The Indifferent Children

1950                  published short story collection, The Injustice Collectors

1951                  published novel Sybil

                          left law firm to write full-time

1953                  published novel, A law for the Lion

1954                  published short story collection, The Romantic Egoists

                          returned to legal work and hired at Hawkins, Delafield, and Wood

1957                 married Adele Lawrence, a member of the Vanderbilt family, with whom he would have three children

1960                 published House of Five Talents

1962                 published Portrait in Brownstone

1964                 published The Rector of Justin

1966                 published The Embezzler

1971                 published biography of Edith Wharton

1974                 published autobiography, A Writer's Capital

1979                 published biography on Queen Victoria entitled Persons of Consequence

1986                 retired from his law firm after thirty-two years of employment

1990                 published biography on J.P. Morgan

2000                 published biography on Woodrow Wilson

2001                 published biography on Theodore Roosevelt

2010                 died in New York City

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