Jean Toomer

Timeline for Jean Toomer

1894               born in Washington, D.C.

1895               father abandoned the family

                       spent his early childhood with mother and his maternal grandparents

1906               mother remarried, and family moved to New Rochelle, New York

1909               mother died in childbirth

                       returned to his grandparents

1914               graduated from the prestigious black high school M Street School in Washington, D.C.

1914-15          attended the University of Wisconsin

1915               attended the Massachusetts College of Agriculture

1916               attended the American College of Physical Training in Chicago

                       attended the University of Chicago

1917               attended the City College of New York

                       attended New York University

1921               served for three months as a substitute principal at a school for blacks in Sparta, Georgia; came to understand the plight of the rural poor blacks of the Deep South

1923               published experimental novel Cane; today considered his masterpiece and a classic of High Modernism

1924               attended a lecture given by the Russian spiritual leader George Gurdjieff

mid-1920s      went to France repeatedly to study with Gurdjieff

1931               married the white poet Margery Latimer

1932               wife while giving birth to daughter, named Margery after her mother

1934               remarried to another white woman, Marjorie Content

1935               dissociated himself from Gurdjieff after arguing over misappropriated funds

1940               moved with wife to Doylestown, Pennsylvania, where they joined the Quakers

1967               died in Doylestown, Pennsylvania

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