Amos Oz

Timeline for Amos Oz

1939                   born in Jerusalem, Mandatory Palestine as the only child of two immigrants

ca. 1951             mother committed suicide when he was twelve

ca. 1954             left home as a fifteen-year-old to join a kibbutz, a living community that practiced socialist ideals

1950s                 served three years in the Israeli army

                           studied philosophy and Hebrew literature at Hebrew University in Jerusalem

1960                   married Nily Zuckerman; lived with three children at Kibbutz Hulda

1965                   published his first book, written in Hebrew, the short story collection Where the Jackals Howl

1966                   published first novel, Elsewhere, Perhaps

1968                   published novel, My Michael, a best-seller and secured his reputation

1982                   published novel A Perfect Peace

1986                   published novel Black Box

                           after several decades at Kibbutz Hulda, moved with family to Arad, Israel, a town on the northern border of the Negev

                           taught Hebrew literature at nearby Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Be'er Sheva

1989                   published nonfiction The slopes of Lebanon

1998                   published novel Panther in the Basement

                           published nonfiction The Story Begins: Essays on Literature

2002                   published autobiographical novel A Tale of Love and Darkness

2006                   published essay collection How to Cure a Fanatic

2012                   published short story volume Between Friends

2014                   published novel Judas

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