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About the Website

Literary Destinations is an educational and travel resource website founded in 2016. It is an ongoing project that will gradually be expanded to cover all major literary authors and the places associated with those authors and their writings.

Literary Destinations is an independent publication and is not affiliated with any literary or academic or travel organization.

The intended audience of Literary Destinations includes students, travelers, researchers, and anyone interested in the connections between place and literature.

Places featured include locations associated with the personal and working life of authors — such as birthplaces, residences, museums, archives, cafés, libraries, cemeteries, and the cities, town, and regions — including imaginary locations — where literary works are set.

Information Sources and Disclaimer

The information on Literary Destinations is based on a variety of reliable sources, including academic and popular books and journals; travel guidebooks; and online resources.

Obligatory disclaimer: All of the information was considered accurate when it was published on this site. As circumstances change, the site will be updated as time and resources permit. Corrections and suggestions are welcome.


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  • Literary Destinations is an independent online guide to prominent authors and the places associated with authors and their writings.